Pediatric Pharmacist Provides Emergency and ICU Care to Patients

Priya Narang, a pediatric pharmacist at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. (Photo: Peter Howard)

By Julie Kayzerman

A career aptitude test, taken in her senior year of high school, pointed Priya Narang, PharmD’17 (Flor), toward pharmacy.

Thirteen years later, Narang’s test results have proven accurate — she’s a pediatric pharmacist at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, landing the post just one year after graduating from FDU’s School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

Since starting in August 2018, Narang has spent most of her time working in the pediatric intensive care unit (ICU) and the pediatric emergency department, where she analyzes drug levels, writes therapeutic drug-monitoring notes, performs medication reconciliation, responds to codes and cardiac arrests…

Peter Onorati Talks Life as a Guest Star

Two actors on a television set in SWAT gear.
Two actors on a television set in SWAT gear.
Peter Onorati, MBA’80 (Flor), left, as Sergeant Jeff Mumford on CBS’s S.W.A.T. (Photo: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)

By Andrew Faust

Viewers probably know him best as the hard-bitten Jeff Mumford on the CBS police drama “S.W.A.T.,” or as the embattled Stanley Pearson on the NBC family drama “This Is Us.” But Peter Onorati, MBA’80 (Flor), counts dozens of film and television credits over the course of his 34-year acting career.

“I’ve evolved to a place where acting is no longer a lark,” he says. “It’s my living.”

Arriving at an acting career took a few real-life plot twists for Onorati. After playing football at Lycoming College in Pennsylvania, the Boonton, N.J., …

Alumnus Studies the Origins of 17th-, 18th- and 19th-Century Barns and Buildings

Fairleigh Dickinson University alumnus Greg Huber, BS’71 (Metro), is in demand as a historical consultant and speaker from West Virginia to New York. He specializes in researching the origins of 17th-, 18th- and 19th-century barns and buildings. (Photo: David Aaron Troy)

By Art Petrosemolo

Greg Huber, BS’71 (Metro), grew up in Hackensack, N.J., a long way from rural America. But his childhood home just happened to border an 1890s carriage barn, which he delighted in exploring.

Today, the founder of Eastern Barn Consultants, Macungie, Pa., is a sought-after authority on historic barns and houses. He researches the origins of 17th-, 18th- and 19th-century buildings.

A lover of all things natural, Huber spent 25 years as a contractor, all the time moving closer to his first love of historical structures.

“My father was a woodworker, and he helped me gain an appreciation…

Chariane Nkengfack Builds Her Life and Her Career One Line of Code at a Time

A young woman sits next to the iconic Microsoft logo and symbol.
A young woman sits next to the iconic Microsoft logo and symbol.
Chariane Nkengfack at Microsoft headquarters. (Photo: Judson Felder)

By Kenna Caprio

Her fascination with computer programming and coding started with The Sims, a popular video game.

Chariane Nkengfack recalls thinking, “When I click, how do I get all of these options?” She continues, “There are so many possibilities in the game. How do you write code for that? It just boggled my mind.”

Her curiosity grew as she did, leading her to the Academy for Information Technology, part of the Union County Vocational-Technical School, for high school, and then to FDU to major in computer science.

The Florham Campus senior has been pursuing answers to her coding questions…

In Re-examining a Gruesome Case Via Podcast, Professors Probe the Criminal Justice System

Meghan Sacks, left, and Amy Shlosberg, hosts of the podcast ‘Direct Appeal,’ are associate professors of criminology at Fairleigh Dickinson University. (Photo: Bill Cardoni)

By Kenna Caprio

“You don’t get a perfect trial. You get a fair trial,” says Meghan Sacks, associate professor of criminology and director of the undergraduate criminology program at FDU’s Florham Campus.

Did Melanie McGuire get a fair trial? Did she murder her husband?

Sacks and colleague Amy Shlosberg, associate professor of criminology, have endeavored to find out, re-examining the 2004 murder on their podcast, “Direct Appeal.”

“We want listeners to make up their own minds about her guilt or innocence and also about the criminal justice system. Decide, if you were in this situation, or if a loved one…

The Benefits, Challenges and Realities of Online Education in 2020

By Angelo Carfagna and Rebecca Maxon

When online learning emerged, critics said it couldn’t compete with face-to-face instruction, and the naysayers predicted its eventual demise. Now it’s safe to say that online learning is here to stay. Growth and demand have continued to rise for almost two decades. More than a third of all college students take at least one online course each year. Not only are more students taking online courses, but also the quality of those courses has risen, and the students studying online are as diverse as the nation’s student body.

Angela Morris, Student of History, Shapes Her Classes Based on the Social and Political Moment

Angela Morris, tutor and lecturer in social policy and history at FDU’s Wroxton College. (Photo: Alex Bolton)

By Mary Ann Bautista

Inside the classroom in a 16th-century abbey in rural England, the topics are riveting — #MeToo, immigration, Brexit and the gender pay gap — and the discussions animated. Bridging these topics is Angela Morris, tutor and lecturer in social policy and history at FDU’s Wroxton College.

It is a role that Morris, who joined Wroxton in 1995, delights in. Early on, her parents and a teacher nurtured her passion for history. “My parents would regularly take my sisters and me to visit historic National Trust properties,” she remembers. And she grew up in Chester, a historic…

College Students Hit the Airwaves at WFDU

Photographer and Videographer Ajung “Ribbon” Kim Documents the World Through Her Camera

Two men in formal wear pose for a photo on the lawn.
Two men in formal wear pose for a photo on the lawn.
Chris Johnson, BS’93 (Flor), left, is funding a scholarship in honor of his mentor David Knee, BA’88 (Flor). (Photo: Elena Mitchell Photography)

By Anne Sherber

At a party celebrating the 10th anniversary of Hollister Construction Services, owner Christopher Johnson, BS’93 (Flor), and his wife, Jennifer, BA’00 (Flor), announced their intention to fund a scholarship named for David Knee, BA’88 (Flor), Johnson’s mentor, close friend and former business associate.

It’s almost hard to believe that Johnson and Knee didn’t know one another before Karen Lewis, executive director of One University Many Dreams, introduced them in 2002.

Both men pledged Zeta Beta Tau. Both transferred into FDU. They had friends in common. …

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