Adventure Artist

Professor George Cochrane is Taking All the Disparate Pieces of His Life and Putting Them Back Together in His Artwork.

“Being creative is the hardest thing,” says artist and associate professor George Cochrane. (Photo: Bill Cardoni)
Lettering from Long Time Gone. “The biggest risk was the graphic novel, something I have no business doing,” says Cochrane, who didn’t grow up reading comics. “An idea, fully formed, just came flying into my brain. I’m putting all of my ambition into creating an encyclopedic work.” (Photo and art: George Cochrane)
“Everything happened in paint for me,” says Cochrane. Drawing was an afterthought at first. With the graphic novel and illuminated manuscript, he’s challenging himself to do everything he has doubts about as an artist. (Photo and art: George Cochrane)
Based on a series of his own modern and large Dante-centric paintings, Cochrane made a handful of drawings. He then gathered the drawings together and fashioned a book by hand, calling it “Dante Dovunque,” which translates to “Dante Everywhere.” (Photo and art: George Cochrane)
Cochrane uses typeset lettering in his artwork, sometimes when he’s bookmaking. (Photo and art: George Cochrane)

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