Dialed In

College Students Hit the Airwaves at WFDU

From top, WFDU General Manager Kenny O’Boyle; below Briana Hernandez and WFDU-HD3 Faculty Advisor Ian Ranzer; Hernandez; Moufatih Muhammad; the 2019 Golden Slipmat Award adorns the turntable; it’s headphones on for Ranzer.

“You don’t have to listen to radio live anymore. Just like we don’t have to watch TV live. All our shows are automatically recorded and go to our streaming sites. It’s all available to you.” Ian Ranzer, WFDU-HD3 faculty adviser

Clockwise, from top left, the all-important radio control board; Briana Hernandez relaxes in the WFDU offices; a neon sign alerts visitors and volunteers that the station is on the air; an electronic keyboard is available at the station; alumnus Ryan Modica, surrounded by equipment, prepares to host; sophomore Naniyah McClain describes her HD3 soul show as “calm and peaceful.”

A lot happens in the studio — students discover how to work the microphone and run the control board, how to develop a distinct voice and style.

Clockwise, from top left, WFDU-HD3 Faculty Adviser Ian Ranzer and alumna Briana Hernandez share a conversation; program notes are a critical element in ensuring a broadcast runs smoothly; peeking through the window as students record on HD3; sophomore Naniyah McClain on the air; and junior communications major James Laughlin, host of “The Hard Rock Dungeon with Jim Grimm.”

“At the end of the day, the connection DJs have with their audience plays a role in their success and longevity.” — Moufatih Muhammad, BA’19 (Metro)

Selected features from Fairleigh Dickinson University’s biannual, signature publication.