It Only Hurts When He Doesn’t Laugh

Bob Mankoff, MA’70 (Metro), endured years of rejection as a wannabe “New Yorker” cartoonist but was able to transform the pain of failure into the laughter that eventually made him a huge cartooning success.

Cartoonist Bob Mankoff lets out a chuckle in his “Esquire” office in Manhattan, N.Y.

Talent and Tenacity

Bob Mankoff has built a spectacular career atop the world of cartoons using keen observations, endless wit and a unique drawing style. (Still from “Very Semi-Serious,” 2015, courtesy of Kristen Johnson)

The Foundation for Funny

“The world is too serious not to be taken humorously!” — Bob Mankoff, MA’70 (Metro)
Alumnus Bob Mankoff, right, sorts through selected cartoons with the design director at “Esquire.”

Selected features from Fairleigh Dickinson University’s biannual, signature publication.

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