Why Do You Give to FDU?

Inspiration — Frank Santoloci

FDU Dedicates the Frank Santoloci Student Center

Members of the FDU community gathered at the Florham Campus in May to celebrate the naming of the Frank Santoloci Student Center and the Frank and Rosemary Santoloci Endowed Scholarship, initiated by a generous, $3-million commitment from alumnus Frank Santoloci, BS’61, MBA’65 (Ruth) and his wife, Rosemary.

“I am a proud graduate of FDU and hope that our gift inspires other alumni to support this wonderful University,” Santoloci said.

The Frank Santoloci Student Center features the Bottle Hill Pub, a coffeehouse, meeting space for clubs and organizations and the campus bookstore. The main campus dining hall and “The Grill” are located in the building as well. The Student Center also houses the Office of the Dean of Students, Student Life and the Career Development Center.

The Student Center embodies Frank and Rosemary’s bold commitment to the students of FDU. In addition to supporting student life, the Frank and Rosemary Santoloci Endowed Scholarship will provide support for students who exhibit significant financial need.

“I worked three jobs while in school and sold my belongings, all to chase my dream of attending college,” Florham Campus student Danielle Boyle, an FDU scholarship recipient, said at the dedication ceremony. “However, all my hard work would have been for nothing if I did not receive the financial assistance that funds my education at FDU.

“Now, I’m working toward applying to neuroscience PhD programs across the country. Absolutely none of this would have been possible without … donors like Mr. Santoloci.”

Partnership — Vincent Forlenza, Chairman and CEO of BD

For FDU and BD, History Repeats Itself

It’s hard to imagine a more symbiotic relationship than the one that exists between Fairleigh Dickinson University and BD. The institutions’ shared history, along with the philanthropic, volunteer and business partnerships that exist between BD and Fairleigh Dickinson are reflected in common ideals and aspirations. The University’s beginnings can be traced directly to the generosity of Col. Fairleigh S. Dickinson and his belief in the vision of Peter Sammartino, FDU’s founding president.

“If you go back to the early days of Maxwell Becton and Col. Dickinson, they were all about health,” says Vincent Forlenza, chairman and CEO of BD. “We’ve been able to build a partnership with Fairleigh Dickinson that’s about health and much more.”

That relationship has been further cemented through BD’s recent pledge of $2 million to support FDU’s Henry P. Becton School of Nursing and Allied Health and the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, as well as the new Science Building planned for the Florham Campus. With this most recent pledge, BD has now provided close to $5 million in funding to support students studying at FDU, primarily in the health sciences, in the form of scholarships and fellowships.

“The relationship between the University and BD is rich and longstanding,” says Christopher Capuano, president of FDU. “BD is very much a part of our story and, I think, will become an even bigger part of our story as we go forward.”

Opportunity — Marshall Bartlett

Bartlett Gives to FDU Business

Before the company moved all of its United States offices to Texas, Marshall Bartlett served for 21 years in a variety of positions at Exxon, including 11 years as the oil giant’s general tax counsel.

“It was a wonderful job,” Bartlett says. “I had contacts in the tax department and friends all over the world.” Although Exxon invited Bartlett to relocate with the company, the Bartletts decided not to make the move. But Marshall was not ready to retire.

That’s when, Bartlett says, FDU saved him. “They offered me the opportunity to teach two tax courses in the Silberman College of Business. I developed my own curriculum: the first year was basic international tax law and the second year was foreign tax credits.

“FDU gave me a way to continue to use my knowledge of tax law in a constructive way,” he says.

Bartlett is more than returning the favor. He recently made a commitment of more than $1 million to support the One University Many Dreams campaign. The gift will be directed to the Master of Science in Taxation program, the Marshall and Margaret Bartlett Endowed Scholarship, the Marshall and Margaret Bartlett Annual Scholarship and the Marshall and Margaret Bartlett Teaching Innovation Fellowship Award, which recognizes excellence in teaching, research and service to Silberman College.

Ed. note: A version of this article first appeared in the Winter/Spring 2019 edition of FDU Magazine.



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